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Billboard Vinyl - Standard
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Billboard Advertising & Outdoor Signs

Billboard Printing and the printing of other substrates on a large scale is often referred to as Large Format Digital Printing. The reasons to print a re-usable vinyl billboard for your business are essentially endless.
  • Big
  • BOLD
  • Reusable
  • Cost Effective
  • The World's oldest form of advertising
  • Reaches your audience, 24/7/365
A vinyl flex is what the actual advertisements design is printed on. Once produced, the billboard vinyl flex is then shipped to the outdoor advertising company, where the installation crew unfolds, and stretches the vinyl graphic over the billboard face or framing system. The vinyl is typically held in place by numerous ratchets that allow the installers to ensure the graphic is secure, and to display the finished, crisp wrinkle free design. Since, the flex is stretched over the sign; it also allows the advertiser to move this image to various locations of the same dimensions, thus increasing their market reach.

Applications for billboard vinyl flexes are endless. In regards to the life of the vinyl, most advertisers tend to update or change their message well before the vinyl starts to show its age. It is not out of the ordinary to see vinyls that have been posted for 3 years to still look as clean and crisp as the day they were installed. The life of the vinyl can also be enhanced by an additional year by having a UV clear coat added. Naturally, this will increase the cost of production.
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Common Printing Sizes For Billboard Displays

  • 20' x 60'
  • 14' x 48'
  • 12' x 48'
  • 12' x 50'
  • 12'3" x 24'6"
  • 12' x 25'
  • 10'5" x 22'8"
  • 10'6" x 36'
  • 10' x 40' 
  • 6' x 12'
While these are the common sizes, essentially any size billboard vinyl can be produced.
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