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Mobile TriVision
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Mobile Billboard TriVision Printing

Odds are if are looking for production of graphics on a Mobile Billboard TriVision units, it will need to be produced of Rigid Cut PVC , which is the latest innovation in trivisions. It allows the graphic to be printed directly onto a rigid material that is then cut into individual slats that slide directly into the advertising unit, drastically reducing installation costs and time. Each slat is individually labeled, so the installer knows just where to install the graphic on the sign. Another upside to rigid PVC trivisions, would be that they allow for the graphic to be stored and reused at a later date without having to purchase the costly aluminum slats that pressure sensitive vinyl (PSV) trivisions often implement.

If the unit you need graphics produced for is not rigid PVC, please find out if the material you need to receive should be Permanent or Removable PSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl).
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