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Outdoor Banners
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Outdoor Banners

  • Single sided banners
  • Double sided banners
  • Pillowcase banners
  • Pole banners
Outdoor banners are essentially the same concept of a billboard vinyl flex, just on a smaller scale, so they can withstand the elements year in and year out. Since the viewing distance is often less than that of a billboard, exterior banners are often printed at a higher resolution. Outdoor banners, may also be finished with pole pockets the same as a billboard or with grommets, which are metal eyelets that provide the advertiser multiple attachment points to assist in the installation. Outdoor banners can be printed either single sided, or double sided on a vinyl, as well as on a fine vinyl mesh, which allows the wind to escape while still providing a clean crisp image. In regards to sizing, if you can dream it, odds are we can make it happen.
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